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Philipp Bree

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Philipp Bree (born 1971): I found this Porcelain Elephant in Stockholm on a flea market in November 2012. It was a sunday and very cold and actually we were looking for some sights and all of a sudden in middle of downtown there a was flea market. The elephant caught my eye. The open position, the color and fine cracks in the surface. As he was asking me to take him home. In a way very sympathic. At home I put him in my shelf and everyone noticed my new piece immediately. Somehow he is expressing a very positive energy. My 1 year old daughter likes the elephant also a lot, so much that one day I found the elephant on the floor with two broken legs. At first I was sad of course, but then I noticed that I could glue the legs easily and since the surface has small cracks anyway you can hardly tell that the legs were broken. Now I put the porcelain elephant back in my office into a shelf where my daughter can see but not reach him.